Travel Support to Students 


Internship at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (10 May to 30 July 2019)

“Be an exception, not an example that has always been my motivation in life. To begin on that note, I have spent my summer in the Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School affiliated to Harvard University. These 10 weeks were an enriching experience for me where I not only learned many new techniques and developed my skill set but also learned to love science for its uniqueness all over once again. This internship journey taught me many things, gave me some good friends, taught me humbleness and how to live a life full of happiness in this competitive world by loving what you do. It taught me to derive pleasure from the smallest success and how to overcome the biggest of failures with a positive mindset. My professor at Harvard offered me a hefty amount of stipend per month and apart from that, I had also applied for the Travel Research Internship Scheme of IIT Roorkee for which I was selected and awarded an amount of Rupees One lakh. I am grateful to the institute to have provided me with the sum and I hope that I have been able to utilize the sum efficiently. The amount which I received was sufficient for the entire period of my internship and all the expenses were borne from that monetary support that I had received”

Sourik Dey
M.Sc. 1st Year
Department of Bio-Technology


Internship at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (May to July 2019)

"I am very thankful for the support provided by IIT Roorkee.  It helped me a lot in managing my expenses while in the US.  It was particularly helpful in paying for my first month of rent"
Dakshit Agrawal
B.Tech. 3rd Year
Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Internship at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (8 May to 12 July 2019)

"“The NTU-India connect program I had with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore was a great chance for learning and professional development. Therefore, I consider myself a very lucky individual as I was provided with an opportunity to be a part of it. I am also grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals during this internship period. I am using this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to the IIT Roorkee DORA office for helping me defray the expenses during my stay”"
Nivya Theresa Jose
B.Tech. 3rd Year
Department of Chemical Engineering


Internship at Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia (10 May to 20 July 2019)

“It was a wonderful experience which I would have missed if I hadn't gone there. This internship provided me with amazing exposure to the field of research. I got to know and interact with many academic researchers from around the world. There were several activities/ workshops arranged for the interns as well e.g. Media training workshop, How to go for higher studies at ANU etc. which will definitely help me. This internship will help me in my academic career. My supervisor also invited me to do a Ph.D. at ANU.  I strongly feel that this internship has made me more independent and strong on the emotional and mental front as well. I sincerely thank DORA, IIT Roorkee for helping me in gaining this opportunity”          

Avantika Rathore
B.Tech. 3rd Year
Department of Civil Engineering


Internship at National University of Singapore, Singapore (May to July 2019)

"This research exchange wouldn't have been possible without DORA's financial help. I appreciate DORA's initiative and I am sure this will help students at IITR to gain valuable research experience and also exchange their knowledge"

Bhanu Vishwakarma
B.Tech. 3rd Year
Department of Chemical Engineering


Internship at University of Michigan, Michigan, US (6 May to 26 July 2019)

“The financial support for the internship to the University of Michigan was very helpful for me. My travel cost only summed more than 1 lac which I could manage with the help of financial help from DORA. I hope this program keeps on running and doing the needful. My work with the University of Michigan is still ongoing, we hope to have a research paper at the end of it”

Vinayak Pushkar
B.Tech. 3rd Year
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


Internship at Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia (10 May to 20 July 2019)
“I would like to thank DORA for providing partial support for my research visit to Australian National University during May-July 2019. It is only because of their support that I was able to cover my extra expenses, this made sure for me to focus on research without caring for money. I did all the work which I was supposed to do, and I learned a lot of new instrumental techniques, which are not available here. Also, I received an award from Noble Prize-winning astrophysicist and vice-chancellor of ANU, Dr. Brian Schmidt”
Akash Kharita 
Integrated M.Tech. 2nd Year 
Department of Earth Sciences


Power & Energy Society General Meeting, Atlanta, USA (August 4-8, 2019)
“Thanking the DORA Office , IIT Roorkee for the Partial Support Scheme Under the scheme of Good International Conferences/Workshops/Symposia for aiding my travel to one of the best conferences in the field of Power Systems, Electrical Engineering. It provided me a platform to network with the best of minds across the globe and seek an insight into the kind and level of research work being pursued across other universities. I met professors from various universities and talked to them about my work. It also gave me an opportunity to meet with the project partners that I'm working with.”
Satabdy Jena 
Research Scholar 
Department of Electrical Engineering


Internship at Sorbonne University, Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche, Paris, France (15 May to 15 July 2019)

“Since I plan to do my Ph.D. abroad, the internship that I attended at Sorbonne University, Paris during the summer of 2019 was a much-needed experience for me. It gave me copious exposure to the real research work, the way mathematics is taught in France and explore Operator Algebras which is my area of interest. It also gave me a chance to interact with various other professors and research scholars of the research group and attend lectures by eminent mathematicians specific to my interest. This internship has made me aware of the current research going on in Mathematics and the universities and professors working on the related topics. It also gave enough idea about the topic I could be choosing for my master's thesis and research proposal. I was selected for Charpak Lab Scholarship for the same and my internship was not funded by the university (since it was only for 2 months). Since the living expenses in Paris is extremely expensive, the scholarship amount just covered the accommodation and food expenses. The gap in the total expenditure and the scholarship amount was still huge for me to afford for an internship. Then, I got to know about the Partial Support provided by DORA for International Internship in universities with top 50 world rankings. I applied for the same and it got approved. Almost 99% of all my expenses have been covered because of it. I am extremely thankful to the Dean of Resources and Alumni, IIT Roorkee for providing financial support for the same because of which I was able to go for an extremely important research project. I hope this experience would give a great boost to my career”

Shreya Mehta
M.Sc. 1st Year
Department of Mathematics


Internship at CNRS, France (9 May to 16 July 2019)

“I learned a lot from this internship, and it has undoubtedly improved and shaped me as a researcher. I'm sure this internship will help me pursue higher studies in planetary sciences. For this, I would sincerely like to thank the Dean of Resources and Alumni Affairs (DORA) for providing me with adequate travel funding under the Travel Support Scheme for International Research Internships (TSS-IRI). Most of the times, it is unviable for undergraduate students to spend thousands of rupees on internships. Thus, such funding schemes prove to be beneficial in emboldening students to pursue foreign internships and not letting the financial factor hinder scientific growth. I hope this scheme encourages other students who wish to engage in research work in international universities and laboratories in the future.

Abhishek Thaker
Integrated M.Tech. 4th Year
Department of Earth Sciences


Internship at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (8 May to 12 July 2019)

"Thank You for considering my application for TSS-IRI scheme which finally turn out an outstanding opportunity for me to further broaden my horizons.

Along with giving me valuable experience to cherish forever, this internship opportunity has also helped me to grow my interpersonal skills by working in a kind of cultural diverse environment. Also, it has provided me with different opportunities to further pursue my studies abroad and I got selected in Germany for perusing my Master's thesis there. This exposure was really helpful to further increase my confidence and to look forward in future open-mouthed opportunities.

Thank You DORA office for this partial support in terms of (TSS-IRI).
It really means a lot. I will be really grateful to you and our dear respected alumni for this support. "
M.Tech. 1st Year
Department of Physics


Conference in XXXVIII International School of Hydraulics in POLAND (May 21–24, 2019)

"I would like to thank IIT Roorkee for the partial support awarded to attend 38th International School of Hydraulics conference in Poland. The financial support helped me greatly to participate in the conference and I would not make to the conference without the support"

Subhojit Kadia
Department of Water Resource Development and Management


International Association for Applied Econometrics, Cyprus, Europe (June 25-28, 2019)

"First of all, I want to thank DORA, IIT Roorkee for extending help and support so that I can attend IAAE (International Association for Applied Econometrics) 2019 conference. It was indeed a great opportunity to present in an international forum. This would not have been possible without the financial support received from DORA, IITR under the scheme of Good International Conferences/ Workshops/ Symposia. I presented a part of my PhD work and received some valuable comments. I also chaired one session in the conference"

Deepabali Bhattacharjee
Research Scholar
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering at Rome, Italy, (17-20 June 2019)

"I would first like to thank DORA, IIT Roorkee for the partial financial support granted to me to attend 7th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (7th ICEGE) held between 17th June to 20th June, 2019.The conference gave me a solid platform to gain so much knowledge and experience from the leading experts in my area of research"

Mohit Kumar
Research Scholar
Department of Civil Engineering