A.S. Arya-IITR Disaster Prevention Award

The A.S. Arya-IITR Disaster Prevention Award of Rs. 1,00,000/- would be conferred to an Indian national for outstanding contribution in the area of Disaster Prevention / Mitigation. The term disaster shall include all types of Natural Disasters, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Floods, Land Slides, Forest Fires and Snow Avalanche. It may be awarded to one person or may be shared by two persons if more than one outstanding nominations are recommended by the award committee. He/She shall have distinguished himself/herself through outstanding work and internationally recognized action, going beyond the scope of his/her normal functions in one or more of the following:–

1. The implementation at national or regional level, of activities designed to strengthen people’s awareness of natural disasters.
2. The launching of scientific activities contributing to technological innovation facilitating disaster prediction.
3. The launching of scientific activities contributing to the strengthening disaster prevention and preparedness.
4. The promotion of activities which reduce the economic impact of disasters and which contribute to sustainable developments.
5. Other activities integrating disaster prevention and preparedness into development planning.

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