New Hydroelectric Technology IIT Roorkee

New Hydroelectric Technology: IIT Roorkee Tests Floating Device To Generate Energy From Flowing Water

The Times of India

In a bid to find an alternative source of renewable energy, scientists at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, Uttarakhand are testing a floating device that can generate electricity from the flowing surface of river and streams, reports The Times of India.

The traditional hydropower plants require the construction of dams on a large scale and have a significant environmental and ecological consequences. In order to counter this, a team at IIT Roorkee is testing a prototype to harness energy from flowing surface water.

"In traditional dams, water falling from a height is used to turn turbines. We are instead using the velocity of the flowing river to turn a turbine, and generate power," IIT Roorkee Professor and principal investigator of the project RP Saini was quoted in the report as saying.