Giving wheels to the differently abled

Giving wheels to the differently abled and wings to their dreams

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Harish Kumar decided to take a break from work. Armed with an M.Sc from IIT Roorkee and an M.Tech from IIT Delhi, by 2012, he’d almost spent two decades in the telecom space. What did he want to do in his year-long break? He followed his passion – driving. He took up the All India Driving Expedition, creating a new national record in the Limca Book of Records. “Nobody had attempted such an expedition solo. It was always a team challenge. I was the first person in the country, and that too differently abled who had applied for this expedition solo.”

Having registered a national record, Harish had media flocking to him, interviews, articles, radio shows et al. People got to know how a differently abled man had beat all odds and done better than people who did not have any restrictions.

“I started exploring outside Ahmedabad if there was any driving school just for the differently abled and I found that even in the major cities, there was no such dedicated driving school.” In 2013, Harish started researching how he could set up a school. With many clearances, documentation, and research required, Harish first decided to set up an NGO and went back to his job till the time the logistics were in place.

In November 2014, he finally quit his job and in January 2015, he submitted his driving school proposal to the commissioner of transport in Ahmedabad. “Since there is no example of such a school, I submitted the proposal to get a go-ahead. Before I got into buying a car and investing, I needed the approval.”

The other goal that Harish wants to attain is employment generation. He wants to teach differently abled people from underserved communities, who can then become financially independent with this skill. With startups in the logistics space on the rise, the goal certainly seems achievable.