The Story of Naveen Jain.

From the Depths of Poverty to the Moon! The Story of Naveen Jain.


They say, the only thing that keeps you in spirit is your dream. As a boy, Naveen’s most soothing reverie was an affluent meal a day. But as he grew up, he became completely aware of the background in which he was born and contemplated the ways to tackle the economic and social hurdles.

He mustered up the courage to go beyond the horizons to explore the opportunities. It was his first step towards what he has become today.

However, Naveen and his siblings were excellent at academics. Nothing could not turn down their enthusiasm. His sister went on to complete her post doctoral studies in mathematics, his brother did his Phd in statistics and Naveen secured admission at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee. IIT was a turning point in his life.