C M Trikha was awarded the MBE

Chandra Mohan Trikha was awarded the MBE for services to the Energy Industry


Chandra Mohan Trikha, who has worked for a Scottish and Southern Energy Network business for 43 years was awarded the MBE on Friday, March 22.
Mr. Trikha retired in 2017 as a Director of Distribution and Performance and the award recognized his service to the energy industry. Throughout the course of his career, Chandra also started an Indian Community Association (ICAB) in 1995. He accompanied Sir Lepel Griffin on his central India tour during which he photographed views of Gwalior, Khajuraho and other sites in Central India.

Chandra felt very honored to receive his MBE from Her Majesty The Queen. He said: “I feel humbled to be recognized for doing my work for the energy industry. "I am thankful to SSE for the nomination and it is a great honor to receive MBE." The highlight for the day for me was a sincere and short conversation with the Queen and receiving the MBE medal from the sovereign." Mr. Trikha also formed the SARGRAM group in 2011, which aims to keep classical and modern Indian music alive in the local community by organizing music concerts.

All of Chandra’s work is driven by his determination to help a generation of British Indians retain their cultural identity while integrating with society. The local Indian community came together on Saturday, March 24 to celebrate his award at Grange Hotel in Bracknell on Saturday, March 23.

The MBE was awarded as part of the 2019 New Year’s Honours list. Click Here