IARC Initiatives

The developments and initiatives being taken up by the IARC are:

1.    Connect on Request - The purpose of this initiative is to connect current students with alumni with the mutual field of interest. The interaction as of yet is driven by the financial need of the students and internship requirements. However, with the connect on request program, we wish to foster a healthy bond which is not driven by the self-interest of the student.

2.   Student Alumni Mentorship Program- The institute recently witnessed the launch of Student Mentorship Program under the aegis of Dean of Student’s Welfare with an aim to provide effective mentorship to the freshmen by the junior and senior year students.
In analogy with the SMP, the alumni cell envisions to start SAMP – Student-Alumni Mentorship Program. 2-3 students from 3rd year will be allotted an alumni as mentor – with the same field of interest as him/her. The initial stage of this project is a small placement and internship coaching session for the final and pre-final years from an alumnus from the chosen field.

3.   Lecture Series- The sharing of knowledge by experienced authorities is fundamental to the growth and success of any individual in life. Therefore, to benefit from your rich and varied experience in your post Roorkee life, IARC wants to initiate a culture of lectures and workshops – offline or online – conducted by alumni on an impromptu basis. Any alumni visiting Roorkee or any place in close proximity and desirous to connect with his/her alma-mater can drop information of his/her schedule on our website.The cell will get in touch with them and make arrangements for their lecture(s) and stay in the campus.

4. Video Repository- The cell also has a Video Repository initiative. Under this initiative, any alumnus can share their experiences and knowledge through a small informal interview or talk and send us a video of the same. These videos are posted regularly on the Website and Facebook page of IARC.

In a very small amount of time since its inception, the IARC has successfully started off work on all its initiatives and has received a positive response to the videos and the alumni lectures so far.In the forthcoming years, the IARC hopes to reach new grounds with your help, guidance, and support, to make this bond between us stronger.